history of Platform 28

A Historic Site for a Modern Venue

Imagine the toot of the goods train and the steam from the shed as the next load of agricultural produce departs from Goods Platform 28. Over a century later, it is not hard to fathom how this shed has been hand-picked to become an exciting new restaurant bar offering Modern Australian cuisine in the heart of vibrant Docklands! Housed in the heritage Goods Shed North, (formerly a railway goods shed), this venue stays true to the history of the site and brings a rustic historical charm that’s bound to win the hearts of the locals.

The interior designers Oldfield Knott kept some key original elements of the shed. For instance, step into the venue and you will find the big black cast iron heritage columns that served a dual purpose of demarcating areas across the shed as well as supporting the roof. Next, try to spot the distinct painted number 28 on the old brick wall which was the way they marked areas / openings within the shed. Or, notice the lofty space within the venue. And of course, the heritage exterior that’s teeming with character.

Even the logo of the venue captures a bit of the past featuring a steam train on the top with a rustic brick colour reminiscent of the old brick walls in the shed. The venue itself was named after the historical Goods Platform 28.

You will find that Platform 28 delivers the goods to Docklands with its brilliant mix of old and new. So next time you come to Platform 28, look out for little hints from the past and admire the rich heritage of the venue.


82 Village Street, Docklands VIC 3008

03 9670 9933


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2018 – Best Function and Event Space
2017- Best Marketed Hotel
2014- Best Outdoor Or Non-Enclosed Facility
2012- Best Outdoor Or Non-Enclosed Facility
2011 – Overall Hotel Of the Year  
2011- Best Outdoor Or Non-Enclosed Facility
2011- Best Bar Presentation and Service (State and National)